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Join our affiliate program and we'll mail you checks every month for referring customers to this powerful weight reduction product. When your referral customers buy, you get paid.

The program is easy. Simpy put a special "affiliate link" on your Web page or inside e-mails you send to your mailing list. And when they buy... you get paid.

Earn money as a marketing affiliate

  25% starting Affiliate sales commission (based on the cost of the online/electronic product for products that customers can also receive in "hard" product shipped to them). 45% and even more for Super Affiliates who qualify! Also, some products pay higher commissions, and we often have 7-day Affiliate Specials when we pay more during that week... Watch your e-mails!

 Affiliates are paid automatically on the 15th of each month online via PayPal. (Minimum commission payment is $25. If you earn less in a given month, your balance is carried over into the folowing month and credited toward your next payment.)

  Programmed owned and managed by e-Online Publishing.

  Your customers' browsers are "cookied" for up to three full years after they first visit the sales site for any of our products. So you will get paid a commission on their first, second, and every other purchase they make from our product catalog for up to three three years. Plus, even if your prospect doesn't buy until six months after his or her first visit, you still get paid when they finally make their buying decision.

  You get Real-Time Statistics you can check 24 hours a day via the Web.

  We provide a "test product" that only costs 50 cents, so you can test your links and ensure yourself that you are receiving credit for your referral sales.

  We also provide a strong collection of proven banners and text ads that are ready for you to use to promote the program.

  Commission begins on the 2nd sale. (As an Affiliate, we want you to buy your product from yourself, first, before starting to promote it to others. By paying full price AND using the product, you will receive the same perceived value as your future purchasers, which is a proven factor in enhancing sales.)

  Enrollment at NO CHARGE in just minutes online!

  International Affiliates welcome. All commissions paid in U.S. dollars.

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In a nutshell: When you make money, so do we. And we love it when both of us make money by helping customers get the products and services they want and need. As an e-Online Publishing Marketing Affiliate, you are part of our worldwide sales team, and we'll do whatever it takes to make this program profitable for you!

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